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First Frost First Frost

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Claire's Recipes

Lost Lake Lost Lake

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Lost Lake Postcards

The Peach Keeper The Peach Keeper

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Rachel's Coffee Snacks

The Sugar Queen The Sugar Queen

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Chloe's Recipes
The Candy

The Girl Who Chased the Moon The Girl Who Chased the Moon

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Julia's Cakes
Full Moon Guide

Garden Spells Garden Spells

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Claire's Recipes
Edible Flowers Guide


Bookclub Photos


www.girlsinthestacks.com chose The Girl Who Chased the Moon as their first book club pick!



The Gurnee, IL Immanuel Church MOPS Book Club sent these photos, deliciously adding: "[Our] Menu included M&M cake (so easy but really impressive!), cotton candy, ginger snaps, lemon drop bars, Lemon Drop Drinks (or lemonade Kool-Aid for those who were driving!), and grilled cheese and tomato 'bruschetta' in honor of Chloe! Oh, and let's not forget the Peppermint Room Spray to add to the ambiance!"



The Trillium Book Club created their own magic apple tree and served lavender cake and homemade ice cream.